Trade crypto peer-to-peer.

No trading fees. No KYC.

DCRDEX is a decentralized exchange built
by the Decred Project.

DCRDEX is available in Decrediton

Windows x64
Download Sorry - no 32-bit

Follow these steps to verify that the files you download are legitimate and have not been modified.

A better way to trade.

Your coins always remain in your custody so nobody can steal them. Trades complete via atomic swaps.
No need to verify your ID or even be human, anyone or thing can trade.
Trade as much or as little as you want, nobody profits from your activity but you.
Our algorithms prevent big traders from gaining an advantage and ripping you off.
Assets can be added by any developer. We don't choose winners and losers.

How to Get Started

Download, optionally verify, and run the installer, dcrinstall --dcrdex. This installer downloads, verifies, and configures the tools needed to use DCRDEX: dcrd, dcrwallet, bitcoind, and dexc.
Run dcrd to sync the Decred chain, dcrwallet to manage your decred, bitcoind to manage your bitcoin, and dexc to connect to the DCRDEX server. Make a deposit to your Decred wallet of at least 0.1001 DCR to cover the current registration fee plus network transaction fees. Additional assets will be supported for registration in the future.
Once your chains are synced and wallets are registered with dexc, the DCRDEX client, you must pay a one-time fee of 0.1 DCR to the server and wait for the payment to confirm. This is done to make bad client behavior expensive.
To place an order, fill out the price, the lot quantity, and submit it. Stay online and keep everything running until the trade settles.